Surrogacy programs in Colombia

Our surrogacy agency in Colombia offers safe surrogacy programs for couples of boys, single men and heterosexual couples.

legality of
surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia is an excellent option that is gaining strength every day thanks to the few existing requirements to carry out a process, affordable costs and because it is a safe destination.

In Colombia there is a Constitutional Court ruling that declares surrogacy as a permitted activity, although not regulated.

It is important to know that the surrogate will initially appear as the mother of the baby, but since there is no genetic link between the mother and the newborn, she will disappear from the registry later on. The process of eliminating the link between the surrogate and the baby may take several months, but the biological father will be able to fly to his country with the baby in a few weeks, thanks to the fact that the newborn will obtain the Colombian nationality and passport in a short period of time.

Another important fact is that embryo transfers are always performed using only one embryo in order to avoid a twin pregnancy. There is a reason for this, and that is that Bogota is located well above sea level, which increases the chances of early deliveries and making a twin pregnancy very risky.

Who can carry out a process in Colombia?

Heterosexual couples

All heterosexual couples, both married and unmarried, will be able to carry out a surrogacy process in Colombia.

Single men and gay couples

Both single men and couples of boys will be able to carry out a process in Colombia.

Single women or couples of girls

Single women or couples of girls will not be able to perform a process in Colombia. For this group we have surrogacy programs in Greece.

The male must provide his genetic material (in case of a couple of boys, either of them). The intended parent(s) must be over 25 years of age and in good physical and mental condition, and must pass an interview with a psychologist.

Once the pregnancy is achieved, the parents cannot refuse the baby under any circumstances.

Advantages of
surrogacy in Colombia

Colombia is an option that is gaining in popularity every day, especially among couples of single men and boys, thanks to its countless advantages, among which are the following:

Excellent fertility clinics

In Colombia there are great medical professionals specialized in performing fertility treatments in assisted reproduction clinics, with the most advanced means.

Affordable costs

Colombia along with Mexico is one of the cheapest destinations for surrogacy.


Despite the fact that in Colombia there is no explicit legislation on surrogacy, the processes are carried out in complete safety, with the contracts between the father or parents and the surrogate mother prevailing.

Obtaining a passport in a few weeks

At the end of the process the newborn will obtain the Colombian nationality and his passport will be processed. Between 4 and 6 weeks after the birth, we will return home.

Requirements of a
surrogate in Colombia

In Colombia, commercial surrogacy is not allowed, and that is why surrogate mothers who agree to be part of a program do so through a foundation to help women created by the fertility clinic, receiving payments as support, but never as payment for their services. During the pregnancy process, the surrogate mothers also receive training classes to improve their studies and experience in various subjects.
  1. The surrogate must have a non-profit purpose, and therefore to help other people.
  2. The woman is obliged to undergo examinations that certify her physical and mental health so that the pregnancy can develop normally.
  3. The surrogate mother’s lifestyle must be healthy and without bad habits…
  4. Once the pregnancy has been achieved, the surrogate mother will not be able to withdraw from the delivery of the newborn.
  5. The surrogate mother will not be able to withdraw from the delivery of the newborn.
  6. The termination of pregnancy can only be done for medical reasons.
We are pleasantly surprised by the care and control of the pregnancy, pampering the pregnant woman at all times and carrying out a very personalized follow-up.

Prices of surrogacy programs in Colombia

All programs include
Neonatal intensive care in case of premature delivery.
Preservation of genetic material for up to two years.
Medical tests during pregnancy, including NIPT.
Integral follow-up of the case.
Medical insurance for the surrogate.
Legal procedures until the baby's passport is obtained.
Transportation airport, clinic, maternity ward and hotel or apartment.
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