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Best international surrogacy agency in Europe and America

Our international surrogacy agency has fully guaranteed programs for heterosexual couples in Ukraine and Georgia, and for single men or couples of boys in Colombia, Mexico and the Czech Republic

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Safe and Guaranteed Surrogacy

In OneSurrogacy we have been making the dreams of many parents come true since 2015.
Our agency is located in Kiev (Ukraine), but we offer destinations beyond this country depending on the family model.

Guaranteed programs


At OneSurrogacy we will be with you from start to finish, offering comprehensive advice throughout all stages of the surrogacy process.

We take care of every detail

We take care of every detail

Surrogate mothers play a crucial role during pregnancy. They will always have the best care for a healthy pregnancy.


Guaranteed programs

All-inclusive programs and unlimited attempts in the safest surrogacy destinations, guaranteeing a closed cost and no surprises.

Surrogacy in Czech Republic, all inclusive

In the Czech Republic we have programs available at an exceptional price for single men, couples of boys and heterosexual couples.

Czech Republic is ideal for:

  • Single men and couples of young men who do not wish to leave Europe for a process.
  • Heterosexual couples who wish to return home soon after childbirth.
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Surrogacy in Colombia, all inclusive

In Colombia, we have surrogacy programs with unlimited attempts. These programs are suitable for any family model, including men and single women.

  • Single men and couples of young men who do not wish to leave Europe for a process.
  • Heterosexual couples who wish to return home soon after childbirth.
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We are the Best Surrogacy Agency

At our agency, we know that the path to parenthood can be both challenging and overwhelming. That’s why we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals who share a common vision: to provide unwavering support and guidance throughout every step of your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy for married couples and heterosexual couples

In both Georgia and Ukraine there are a number of requirements to be able to carry out a surrogacy process for heterosexual couples, among which are:

  • Being a heterosexual married couple (Ukraine) or heterosexual couple (Georgia).
  • At least the father must contribute his genetic material.
  • There is an accredited medical cause that demonstrates that the woman cannot gestate or the gestation process would endanger her health or that of the fetus.
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Surrogacy for single men and single women

In some states of Mexico and throughout Colombia there are hardly any restrictions to carry out a surrogacy process. That is why more and more single-parent families are choosing one of these destinations to carry out the process.

  • It is not necessary for the male to contribute genetic material.
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Surrogacy for LGTB people

Mexico, Colombia and Czech Republic are excellent destinations for same-sex surrogacy. In the case of the Czech Republic, only male couples may attend.

  • If you live in Europe, the Czech Republic is an excellent destination for LGBT couples.
  • If you live in the Americas, we recommend Colombia as a preferred destination, thanks to its low prices and excellent quality of service.
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Advantages and services of OneSurrogacy


We are aware of the emotional burden involved in such a process. We will be with you from beginning to end, providing all our support.


We select only those international agencies with extensive experience in surrogacy and the fertility clinics with the highest success rates.


We advise you in each and every step of the surrogacy process.


We coordinate from beginning to end the process between the clinic, the pregnant woman and the future parents.

Legal support

Legal support in the country where the surrogacy process takes place.

Other services

Accommodation search, translation and interpretation services, and transportation.

Together with you, from beginning to end

We advise during the process

We advise
during the process

We work with best clinics

We work
with best clinics

We organize transportation and accommodation

We organize
your flight and stay

We fight for your dream

We fight
for your dreams

OneSurrogacy testimonials, reviews and opinions

Álvaro and Mar

Dreams come true.

I would like to congratulate the OneSurrogacy team, whose people have been more than essential to make our dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart both for your human qualities and for your fantastic team in Ukraine.

Pablo and Susana

We still can’t believe it.

The chances we had to achieve pregnancy were really slim, since my husband had hepatitis B, plus his only chance was based on performing a testicular biopsy. Everything went perfectly.

Your happiness, our success