Surrogacy programs in Mexico

Both Cancun and Mexico City are ideal destinations to perform a surrogacy process for gay couples, heterosexual couples and single men. In recent years, both destinations have become great alternatives to the United States.

Legality of
surrogacy in Mexico

In Mexico, surrogacy is regulated in several states such as Tabasco or Sinaloa, but only citizens of this country can access. On the contrary, there are states such as Mexico City or Cancun in which there is no explicit legislation that regulates surrogacy, but it is endorsed and allowed for both local and foreign citizens. They are therefore Mexico City and Cancun, two completely safe destinations to carry out a surrogacy process. Both states have had favorable judicial rulings since 2016 that guarantee the legality of the process.

Once the contract with the surrogate mother is signed before a notary, a judicial process begins that will end with the filiation of the newborn on behalf of the intended parents. Therefore, the intended parent or parents will be those who appear as the baby’s parents.

On the other hand, in Mexico, access to citizenship is obtained by birth, which means that regardless of the nationality of the parents, the minor will at least obtain Mexican nationality.



Married or unmarried heterosexual couples may undergo a surrogacy process in Mexico.


Both single men and gay couples may go to Mexico to carry out a process.


Single women or couples of girls will not be able to carry out a process in Mexico. For these women we have programs at Greece.

In all cases, the male must provide his genetic material. All those men with Hepatitis or HIV will have access to a surrogacy process.

Advantages of
surrogacy in Mexico

Over the last few years, Mexico has been gaining in popularity thanks to the few existing restrictions to carry out a surrogacy process, while still providing process security. In addition, language is not a barrier since we have English / Spanish interpreters and translators.


Fertility clinics in Mexico are a reference level and professionalism means, through which surrogacy processes are performed with all medical guarantees. It is for this reason that citizens of the United States go to perform assisted reproduction processes at a much cheaper cost than in their country.


Both in Cancun and Mexico City there are surrogacy programs at closed and affordable costs.


Despite the fact that both Mexico City and Cancun do not have explicit legislation on surrogacy, the opportunity is provided for a process to be carried out in complete safety.


At the end of the process, the newborn will obtain the Mexican nationality or the country of the biological father, processing the passport. Between 4 and 6 weeks after the birth, we will return home.

Requirements of a
surrogate in Mexico City and Cancun

In both Mexico City and Cancun, there are no real legal requirements for women who wish to access a surrogacy program, but the clinics and agencies with which Go4Baby works do have a number of requirements:

  1. The surrogate must be between 25 and 35 years old.
  2. The woman must be the mother of at least one healthy child.
  3. It is necessary for the candidate to have a series of healthy habits compatible with pregnancy.
  4. She must pass an interview that guarantees that she will be psychologically fit for the program.
  5. At least 2 years must have passed since the last pregnancy.

Empathy is very important in this kind of process, and that is why we are looking for candidates who are totally committed and eager to help all those people who wish to become parents.

The clinic
Fertility clinic Americas

All treatments are performed at Fertility Clinic Americas, which is a prestigious European clinic also located in Cancun.
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Special surrogacy programs 
in Cancun

Cancun is another recommended destination within Mexico to carry out a process. It is important to note that almost the entire process takes place in this state, including the signing of contracts, in-vitro fertilization, pregnancy and delivery, but all the post-birth procedures, such as obtaining citizenship and passport of the newborn, are carried out in Mexico City.

Surrogacy programs for HIV patients

Our agency in Cancun has programs for HIV+ patients, including LGBT family members and single men. The pregnant woman who wishes, can be part of one of these programs, obtaining a much higher compensation than usual.

In order to guarantee that the genetic material is free of the disease, the fertility clinic will perform a semen washing. This is why the surrogate will have all the sanitary guarantees to avoid any type of contagion from the embryo transfer.

Prices of surrogacy programs in Mexico

All programs includes
Birth in a private hospital.
Life insurance and loss of uterus of the surrogate.
Legal services, documentation, citizenship and baby passport.
Transportation and 24-hour assistance in Mexico.
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