Surrogacy programs in Greece

In Greece altruistic surrogacy is regulated and legalized since 2002 for local citizens and since 2014 for citizens of other countries. This country is ideal for single or partnered women under 50 years of age and who cannot gestate without a high risk to their health or that of the fetus.

Legality of
surrogacy in Greece

In Greece, surrogacy has been regulated since 2002 for local citizens and since 2014 also for citizens of third countries.

Surrogacy Law

There are currently a series of requirements related to surrogacy in Greece, such as the following:
  • The surrogate mother should not bring her own eggs.
  • The egg donor cannot charge for the purchase / sale of eggs but can receive compensation for the expenses that may have been incurred. The donor will be 18 to 35 years old.
  • Surrogacy in Greece is altruistic, and therefore the surrogate will not be able to charge for her services, but for all medical expenses and inconvenience.
  • Before the embryo transfer takes place, it is necessary to have a judicial decision issued by the court of justice that belongs to the district where the surrogate resides.
  • Both heterosexual couples and single women may carry out a process, provided that the woman submits a medical report detailing her inability to carry a pregnancy.

The surrogacy process step by step.

Intended parents obtain medical proof of inability to have children.
Online contract signing with the clinic.
Selection of surrogate and preparation of documents.
First trip to Greece and contribution of genetic material (optional).
Wait for the approval of the court decision (6 to 8 weeks).
Medical preparation and embryo transfer to the surrogate.
Pregnancy process and periodic testing of the surrogate mother.
At birth, we present the surrogacy agreement together with the court judgment so that the child is registered in the name of the intended parent(s).

Advantages of
surrogacy in Greece

Explicit surrogacy legislation

In Greece, there is legislation that regulates surrogacy, and it is therefore a recommended destination to carry out a process.

Registration in the name of the intended parent(s)

After birth, the minor is registered in the name of the intended mother or the intended parents (in the case of a heterosexual couple). In addition, the filiation of the baby is made by presenting the court sentence.

Excellent care for surrogates

Surrogate mothers live in their own apartment throughout the pregnancy, and in addition the fertility clinics provide a nurse to supervise and care for the surrogate from the moment they enter the program (weeks before the embryo transfer).

Requirements of
surrogate mother

  1. She must be physically and mentally fit, having to pass a series of physical and psychological tests that guarantee that she will be able to carry a healthy pregnancy.
  2. A surrogacy agreement or contract between her and the intended parents must be submitted to the court. In case the woman is married, a consent of her husband is necessary.
  3. It is not essential, but having at least one healthy child is valued.

Requirements of
intended mother or intended parents 

Both single men and boy couples cannot access a surrogacy program in Greece. Access is only available to:

Heterosexual couples

All those heterosexual couples whose wife is under 50 years of age and has a medical report that proves their inability to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Single women or couples of girls

Both single men and boy couples will have access to the programs in the Czech Republic.

Single men or boy couples

Both single men and boy couples will not be able to access a surrogacy program in Greece. For them we have programs at Czech Republic, Mexico and Colombia.

Prices of surrogacy programs in Greece

Price of programs of
surrogacy in Greece

Standard Program 100
72.999 €
The price includes ONE complete cycle and ONE embryo transfer to the surrogate.
Standard Program 200
79.999 €
It includes ONE complete cycle and up to TWO embryo transfers in the price.
Guaranteed program
87.999 €
It includes UNLIMITED embryo transfers until pregnancy and birth are achieved.
All programs include
Medical examination of the intended parent(s).
Hospitalization expenses at birth.
Registration of the newborn in the civil registry.
Preservation of genetic material.
Integral follow-up of the case.
The Standard 200 program includes
Lodging on first trip to Greece.
Lodging in maternity hospital until the baby is discharged.
Neonatal care and health insurance for the baby 30 days.
Genetic testing of the intended parent.
Expenses included in case of cesarean section.
Maternity clothes for the surrogate.
Life insurance for the surrogate woman.
The Guaranteed program also includes
Comfortable lodging after birth (up to 60 days).
Premature birth (NICU / Incubator).
Sex selection (for medical reasons only).

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