Surrogacy programs in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a perfect destination to prevent single men or couples from having to go outside Europe for a surrogacy process. The fertility process is carried out in Cyprus with a Ukrainian surrogate. The pregnancy and follow-up in Ukraine and the birth takes place in Prague.

Legality of
surrogacy in czech republic

In the Czech Republicsurrogacy is not regulated but it is allowed, which means that we will not have any type of legal limitations to carry out a process in this country. On this basis, a completely safe protocol has been developed in collaboration with various fertility clinics abroad that is combined with a surrogacy contract with a Ukrainian surrogate. This protocol is called “Cross Border Surrogacy”.

how does the process work


Cyprus is a country with excellent fertility clinics, in addition to having legislation that allows fertility treatments with ovodonation to be performed on any type of patient.


The Intended Parent(s) will sign a power of attorney with our coordinator so that the surrogacy contract can be signed with the Ukrainian surrogate mother on her behalf. The Ukrainian surrogate will travel to Cyprus for the embryo transfer, waiting for the result of the pregnancy test. In case of failure to achieve pregnancy, the surrogate will subsequently undergo another embryo transfer in case the doctor so determines, or there will be a change of surrogate.


The surrogate will return to Ukraine and specifically to her home, where most of the pregnancy will take place. Our agency will strictly monitor the pregnancy in one of our clinics selected for their proximity and quality.


In the seventh month the surrogate mother will travel to Prague to prepare for delivery, and the last part of the follow-up will take place in Prague. Approximately 7 days before delivery the surrogate mother will be admitted to the maternity hospital waiting to give birth.

Why the surrogate mother is ukrainian?

Patients who wish to carry out a surrogacy process in Ukraine have to meet a series of requirements, but the legislation of this country allows all those parents who do not meet these requirements to carry out a process with Ukrainian citizens, as long as the process is developed outside Ukraine.

Contracts signed with a Ukrainian citizen are fully valid, enforcing the rights and obligations of both parties.

Who can carry out a process in the Czech Republic?

Heterosexual couples

All those couples of different sexes who wish to access a surrogacy program may do so without limitations in the Czech Republic. It is not necessary for the woman to provide a medical report proving infertility. The male or one of the males must provide his genetic material.

Single men and couples of boys

Both single men and couples of boys will have access to a program in the Czech Republic.

Single women or couples of girls

Both female couples and single women will not have access to a surrogacy process in the Czech Republic. For these women we have programs at Greece.

Advantages of
surrogacy in Czech Republic

Among the great advantages of the Czech Republic are the proximity of the country and the short residence time after birth.

Surrogacy without leaving Europe.

Both Cyprus and the Czech Republic are within the European Community and the Schengen area, and therefore we will find it very easy to travel to these destinations.

Return home within a few days after birth.

Once the birth has taken place, all we have to do is wait for the newborn to be discharged and registered at the Civil Registry. Therefore, in approximately one week we will be able to return home with the baby.

All legal guarantees.

The process in the Czech Republic has all the legal guarantees of this country, being further strengthened by the contract signed with the Ukrainian surrogate.

Requirements for a
surrogate in Czech Republic

Since the programs developed in the Czech Republic are carried out with the collaboration of a Ukrainian woman, the Ukrainian requirements are those that must be met by a surrogate from this country, being the following:

  1. The woman must be between 18 and 36 years of age.
  2. The surrogate must have been the mother of at least one healthy child.
  3. She must have Rh+ factor in order to avoid possible incompatibilities during pregnancy.
  4. She must be physically and psychologically prepared for a healthy pregnancy.

For us, it is very important to select candidates who are fully committed and enthusiastic about helping those who wish to become parents through a surrogacy process.

Prices of surrogacy programs in Czech Republic

Price of programs of
surrogacy in Czech Republic

Standard Program 100
59.999 €
The price includes ONE complete cycle and ONE embryo transfer to the surrogate.
65.999 €
ONE complete cycle and up to TWO embryo transfers are included in the price.
Guaranteed Program
69.999 €
UNLIMITED embryo transfers are included until pregnancy and birth are achieved.
All programs include
Medical examination of the intended parent(s).
Hospitalization expenses at birth.
Registration of the newborn in the civil registry.
Preservation of genetic material.
Integral follow-up of the case.
Transportation airport, clinic, maternity hospital and hotel or apartment.
The Standard Program 200 includes
Lodging on first trip to Cyprus.
Lodging in maternity hospital until the baby is discharged.
Free change of surrogate if necessary.
Neonatal care and health insurance for the baby 30 days.
Genetic testing of the intended parent.
Expenses included in case of cesarean section.
Maternity clothes for the pregnant woman are included in the price.
Life insurance for the surrogate is included in the price.
The Guaranteed program also includes
Sex selection if possible.
Lodging in Prague at birth.
Contingencies and additional costs
Compensation to the surrogate for twins.
4.000 €
Compensation to the surrogate for loss of the uterus.
2.000 €

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