Safe and recommended surrogacy destinations

At OneSurrogacy we offer surrogacy programs in Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic and Mexico at very competitive prices. We do not charge any kind of fee for advice throughout the life of the process.


Ukraine is an ideal destination for heterosexual couples. Requirements:
Being a heterosexual marriage, not being valid common law couples.
The husband must contribute his genetic material.
The woman must provide a medical report reflecting that she cannot achieve a pregnancy or that it will put her health at risk.
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Georgia is an excellent alternative to Ukraine for married couples and heterosexual couples. Requirements:
Be a heterosexual married couple, or be a domestic partner living together for more than one year.
The husband must provide his genetic material.
La mujer debe aportar un informe médico reflejando que no puede lograr un embarazo o que éste pondrá en riesgo su salud.
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Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a perfect destination to avoid single men or couples of boys having to go outside Europe for surrogacy. Requirements:
Being a single man, a couple of boys or a heterosexual couple.
It is not essential but it is recommended that the male contributes his genetic material.
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In Mexico there are hardly any requirements to carry out a surrogacy process. These requirements are:
Be a single man, a couple of boys, or a heterosexual couple.
It is essential that the male provides his genetic material.
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Greece is perhaps one of the most recommended destinations for surrogacy. Requirements:
Be a heterosexual married couple or a single woman.
The woman must be under 50 years of age.
The woman must prove the impossibility of gestation or that a pregnancy will endanger her health or that of the fetus.
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