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OneSurrogacy offers integral services through which you will be able to fulfill your dream, among which are: organization and evaluation of the program that best suits your needs, coordination of the medical program, supervision of the contracts to be formalized and legal and consulting services.


Once the destination for the surrogacy process is decided, our Intended Parents will travel to the country and to the fertility clinic through which the process will take place.
Coordinate with the Intended Parent(s) to travel to the clinic.
Review of the contracts to be signed with the clinic and agency.
Search for the right surrogate mothers for the process.
To ensure the signing of a contract with the pregnant woman before a notary.


Services included in our programs include coordinating the surrogate mother’s travel to the fertility clinic and complete pregnancy follow-up.
Counseling and psychological advice to the surrogate.
Accompany the pregnant woman or surrogate mother to the assisted reproduction clinic on the day of the embryo transfer.
Accompany the surrogate to the assisted reproduction clinic on the day of the embryo transfer.
Sending medical results and ultrasounds to parents.
To act as a liaison between the surrogate and the parents, ensuring that she periodically receives compensation and is compensated for all expenses related to the pregnancy.


A few months before the birth, our agency will arrange for the services of the maternity hospital and a nearby accommodation for the surrogate mother.
Search for a single apartment near the hospital to accommodate the surrogate in the last months of her pregnancy.
Give all information related to the patient's admission and delivery to the parents.
To give the parents the possibility of storing the umbilical cord blood, coordinating the process with the hospital.
Ensure DNA testing of the newborn and the parent who has contributed their genetic material.

legal services

Once the birth occurs, the next step is the registration of the newborn in the Civil Registry.
Registration of the baby in the country of birth in the name of the intended parent(s).
Obtaining the citizenship and passport of the country of birth.
Filiation and adoption processes in the parents' country.

stay and accomodation

During your stay in the destination country you will enjoy all the necessary services to make you feel at home.
Search for accommodation in the destination country.
Translation and interpretation services in Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic, Grecia and Mexico.
Reception and transfer service to the airport, apartment, clinic, maternity hospital and notary.
24 hour support for incidents, something very important after the birth of your child.
Newborn heel test, pediatrician and babysitter.
Guided tour of the city during your first visit.
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