Surrogacy in Ukraine

In Ukraine, surrogacy is contemplated and regulated by law. Over the past few years, thousands of marriages have seen their dream of parenthood come true, always with the maximum security and at reasonable prices. More information…


Be an heterosexual marriage
The husband or wife must provide their genetic material, but in practice it should at least be the husband.
The intended mother must have a medical reason for not being able to become pregnant or the pregnancy would pose a great risk to the health of the mother or fetus.
Kiev / Ukraine

Advantages for Ukraine

Legal security

The law is very explicit and there are no legal loopholes regarding surrogacy. There is a contract signed before a notary public detailing the rights and obligations between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

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Affordable prices

There are prices averaging between 42,000 and 60,000 euros, making Ukraine one of the most competitive options. More information…

Top level fertility clinics

Clinic Victoria in Kiev

The fertility clinic Victoria is one of the main assisted reproduction and pregnancy follow-up centres in Kiev. Its high success rates and the the highest quality standards make OneSurrogacy your main choice.

Possibility to select the sex of the baby

In Ukraine, sex selection is completely legal, and that is why in most of our programs, you will be able to choose the sex of the embryos to be transferred.

Clinic Victoria in Kiev



One IVF + embryo transfer to the surrogate mother and pediatrician.


One IVF and up to 3 embryo transfers, pediatrician, newborn blood spot screening, carrycot and loan of baby carriage.


Unlimited IVFs until birth with all the unforeseen included, pediatrician and newborn blood spot screening.


Unlimited IVFs, unforseens, pediatrician, newborn blood spot screening, 2 months of accommodation, carrycot and loan of baby carriage, baby-sitter 8 hours / day. In case of twins, there is no additional payment.