Surrogacy in Mexico City

Mexico City is an ideal destination for married or straight couples, gay couples or couples and single men. For a few years now, it has become the great alternative to the United States thanks to the much lower costs.


The process can be done by gay couples, single men and heterosexual couples.
It is necessary for man to contribute his genetic material.
No medical report is needed to start a process.
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Mexico surrogacy

Advantages of Mexico City

Legal security

Mexico City does not have specific legislation on surrogacy, but there is no prohibition on it. Since 2016, there are court rulings that guarantee 100% legality of the process.

Very competitive costs

There are prices averaging between 52.000 $ to 66,000 $, making Mexico City one of the most competitive options.

Excellent fertility centres

Our fertility clinic in Mexico City

Our fertility clinic is very modern and has the most advanced means and a team of professionals with extensive experience in assisted reproduction and pregnancy monitoring.

Birth in a private hospital

Both fertilization and pregnancy follow-up are performed at the Inovavita clinic. The birth takes place in a private hospital, which has all the necessary means in case of complications or premature birth.

Inovavita clinic in Mexico City



Unlimited IVFs until birth including all contingencies. Transport to the airport, clinic and hospital. Accommodation up to 30 days and pediatrician. Advice during all the process and legal procedures.