Surrogacy in Czech Republic

Surrogacy is not regulated in the Czech Republic, but it is not prohibited by law either. As a result, a protocol has been created to enable couples of boys and single men to access the process in complete safety. This protocol is called “Cross Border Surrogacy”.

The fertility process will take place in Cyprus, as only heterosexual couples could do it in the Czech Republic.

How to start?

In Cyprus, it is possible to perform any fertility process by single men using donor eggs. It is recommended that the male provide his genetic material.
The surrogate mother will travel from Ukraine to Cyprus to sign a contract with the Intended Parent(s) and receive an embryo transfer.
Once the pregnancy is confirmed and the first ultrasound scan is available, the Ukrainian surrogate will return to Ukraine to spend the next 7 months of pregnancy
Ukrainian Subrogate

Advantages of signing with a Ukrainian surrogate

Legal security

The reason why contracts are signed with a woman of Ukrainian nationality is to assert the rights of both parties, as these contracts are fully valid.

Pregnancy monitoring in Ukraine

Most of the pregnancy time will be spent in Ukraine, and will take place in our trusted clinic closest to the surrogate’s home.

The surrogate mother will give birth in Prague.

Final steps of the process

In the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, the surrogate mother will travel to Prague and be accommodated in a single apartment until birth.
The Intended Parent(s) will travel to Prague in the days before or after the birth. In our guaranteed program, our clients will be provided with accommodation.
During the days following the birth, our agency will take care of all the legal paperwork for the parent(s) to return home with their baby.
Czech Republic



One IVF + one embryo transfer to the surrogate mother.


One IVF and up to 2 embryo transfers. accommodation on first trip, free change of surrogate mother, health insurance and surrogate mother clothes. Neonatal care, caesarean section expenses, health insurance for the baby…


Unlimited IVFs until birth with all the unforeseen included. All the services of the standard 200 program, plus sex selection (if possible), and accommodation of the parent(s) after birth.