Zhordania Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi

Zhordania clinic is one of the leading fertility and surrogacy centers. More than 50 years of experience, modern facilities and specialized staff will help you in your dream of becoming parents. Surrogacy in Georgia has been regulated by law since 1997, and more and more families are traveling to this country to carry out the process.

History of Zhordania clinic in Georgia

The Institute for Scientific Research on Human Reproduction is the first institution in the world (founded in 1958 by Professor Ioseb-Zhordania), which started working in the field of reproductive health. All modern methods of diagnosis and treatment were systematically introduced at the Institute over time. Today, it has become the National Reproductive Center in Georgia.

The goals and objectives set by Professor Ioseb-Zhordania were pioneering in his time and still remain the basis of the Institute's activities. Virtually all innovations, experience and knowledge used by successful clinics or physicians working in the field of reproductive health are connected with the name of the Zhordania Institute.

In 2016, Zhordania Institute merged with VIVO Medical Group. After joining the group, the group was completely renovated and rebuilt, starting to operate with a new staff of great experts.

Fertility treatments

Zhordania clinic applies the safest and most effective methods for infertility treatment, together with the most modern methods and the participation of a team of embryologists and doctors with high qualifications in assisted reproduction. With the cooperation of IVI Reproduction Center and using international standards, the clinic offers advanced infertility diagnosis and treatments. Among the treatments are:
Effective treatment of infertility in men and women.
Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
Maintenance of fertility in oncology patients.
Treatment of menstrual cycle disorders.
Diagnosis of uterine abnormalities by hysteroscopy.
Treatment of endometriosis (a cause of infertility).
Risk pregnancy follow-up.
Prenatal genetic diagnosis of pregnant women.

Obstetrical gynecology

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Zhordania Clinic serves women with certain conditions, including any type of pregnancy, regardless of its complexity.

We support our patients in each and every stage of their lives, carrying out prevention programs and early detection of disorders.

Our medical team offers different treatments, such as prenatal care and laparoscopic surgery. In addition, we have a department with the latest technology for the treatment of high-risk pregnancies.

Surrogate mother selection

The selection of a surrogate is carried out with the strictest medical and psychological analysis.
MEDICAL HEALTH: The surrogates must undergo exhaustive medical examinations to confirm that they are healthy people with the capacity to carry out a pregnancy process with all the guarantees. They must be mothers of at least one healthy child.
PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: Our surrogate mothers must be prepared and motivated to carry out a surrogacy process flawlessly. On the other hand, they must not have any previous convictions, cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, deprivation of parental rights, etc.

Clinic services and treatments

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Zhordania has great experience and dedication to infertility treatments, and has one of the best and most recent equipment, applying the most modern techniques.

Obstetrics - Gynecology

The clinic has an obstetrics and gynecology department, dedicated to the care of women throughout their lives, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Reproductivity medicine

Zhordania specialises in fertility treatments and assisted reproduction. They have a multidisciplinary team, composed by professionals of recognized prestige.


The pediatric department works for children, in coordination with close specialists, with the purpose of an adequate development of the child and the adolescent.


They include advanced treatments such as ERA, PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening) PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), fetal tests...


Diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, hair, nails... and removal of warts, mollusks and other formations.

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