Victoria clinic in Kiev (Ukraine)

Victoria Assisted Reproduction Clinic is a medical center with the most advanced fertility treatments and a large group of professionals.

Victoria clinic in Kiev

Victoria assisted reproduction clinic was founded in 2007. Over the years the clinic has become one of the leading infertility treatment centers in Ukraine, achieving high efficiency in treatments related to reproductive disorders. The clinic cooperates with Go4Baby also in all those more special and complex cases.

Thanks to its high technological level, experienced professionals, and state-of-the-art laboratory, the clinic plays a very significant role in the world of fertility. Over the past few years, hundreds of patients from all over the world have come to the clinic for fertility and surrogacy treatments.

Medical tests to the surrogate

Surrogacy agencies are in charge of finding those women who meet the legal and psychological requirements to start a surrogacy process, but there is a second, even more important step, and that is that these candidates pass a series of medical tests.

The Victoria clinic performs the most rigorous medical tests to ensure that the surrogate can undergo an embryo transfer and pregnancy process without risk to her health or the health of the fetus. These tests include urine analysis, serology, cytology, etc.

Pregnancy control

Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate mother will be periodically monitored to ensure that the pregnancy develops normally and reaches full term.

The reason for success, the efficacy of the medical treatments

Success rate in the first 3 embryo transfers, with gestational carrier and own eggs (women up to 37 years old).
Success rate in the first embryo transfer with gestational carrier and donor eggs.
Success rate in the first three embryo transfers with gestational carrier and donor eggs.

In-vitro Fertilization with ICSI

In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a method in which the fertilization of sperm and egg takes place in a laboratory.

The Victoria clinic has advanced technical means and embryologists specialized in performing in-vitro fertilization with high success rates, thanks to the intracytoplasmic injection technique (ICSI), which consists of fertilizing the egg directly with one of the previously selected spermatozoa.

Other fertility treatments

Cryopreservation of sperm, eggs and embryos.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).
Invasive diagnostics during pregnancy (amniocentesis).
Egg donation programs.
Gynecology, urology and andrology.
Genetic studies.

Prenatal care of the pregnant woman

The Victoria clinic offers a prenatal monitoring service to pregnant women.

During pregnancy monitoring, both the pregnant woman and the fetus will be monitored through different medical tests that combine analysis and ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds will allow us to take images of the embryo or fetus as it develops, determining possible anomalies or fetal complications that may occur throughout the pregnancy.

During the last months of pregnancy, OneSurrogacy will provide an individual apartment in Kiev to the pregnant woman, in order to have a more continuous follow-up and to prepare her for the delivery.
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