Fertility Clinic Americas in Cancun

Fertility Clinic Americas is a beacon of hope for all those parents-to-be who cannot become parents naturally. Located in Cancun, it offers IVF services, ovodonation, sex selection and a long etcetera. Distinguished by its high standards of quality, speed and efficiency, it is one of the best options to help create families, being its patients heterosexual couples, singles or LGTBI couples. Fertility Clinic Americas is the OneSurrogacy choice for surrogacy in Mexico.

Why Clinic Americas?

A patient oriented approach

In your journey towards parenthood, you will encounter different paths that will force you to make a decision that will affect you in the future. Fertility Clinic Americas understands all the factors such as time and emotions involved in this journey.

Once patients make the decision to choose this excellent clinic, each member of their team will become part of your family, guiding you on your journey.

Together, we turn your dreams into family.

No matter how long you have dreamed of holding your child in your arms, we know that with us you will finally achieve it. Our specialized staff will take you by the hand step by step to make your dream come true. We are much more than a medical center.

Fertility services

Fertility Clinic Americas has the safest and most effective fertility treatments and services, including:
Assisted reproduction treatments.
Gynecology and obstetrics services.
Care of premature babies.
Egg and sperm bank.
Treatments for male infertility.
Treatments for LGBT families.
EmbryoGlue to improve embryo implantation.

Clinic medical treatments

IVF and artificial insemination

Fertility Clinic Americas has extensive experience in assisted reproduction treatments, including artificial insemination and IVF with ICSI.

Sex selection

Selecting the sex of your baby is possible. Once we have the embryos, we will know the sex of each one of them and you will be able to implant them according to your preferences.

HIV and hepatitis patients

In case the male needs to provide his genetic material, HIV or hepatitis will not be a problem. We have effective treatments to prevent the transmission of these diseases.

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