Chachava Clinic in Tbilisi

Chachava clinic is one of the leading fertility centers in Tbilisi (Georgia). This hospital has more than extensive experience, having been founded in 1875. Thanks to its constant development and introduction of innovative treatments, the Chachava clinic has an average success rate of 80%.

About Chachava clinic

This medical center is dedicated to male and female infertility since 2014. Thanks to a very well equipped laboratory, and the experience and professionalism of its doctors, the Chachava clinic has started to be a focus of attraction for both local and international patients.

Fertility approach and treatments

Chachava clinic offers egg donation (fresh and frozen oocytes) and surrogacy services. The clinic is happy to welcome international patients to give them the opportunity to become parents.

The offer related to egg donation and surrogacy is clear and transparent, offering a broad donor base, including complete information and images.

A well-equipped laboratory ensures high standards and advanced options for affordable fertility treatments.

In addition, the clinic includes a complete maternity unit, and therefore births take place in the clinic itself and not in a public hospital.

Why choose Chachava?

It has highly qualified and specialized staff.
A varied and transparent offer of medical treatments.
Exceptional and individualized treatment to patients.
Patient accommodations within the clinic itself.

Fertility center

Advanced fertility and egg donation treatments.
No age limit for patients.
All-inclusive surrogacy programs.
Maternity home within the hospital itself.

Exceptional patient treatment

Chachava clinic in Georgia has advanced technical means and a group of first class professionals whose philosophy is to make their patients feel safe and cared for. It also has modern rooms within the clinic itself, where future parents will be accommodated throughout their stay in Tbilisi, with the advantages of avoiding travel and having a primary care service to the newborn without leaving the building.

For all these reasons, Chachava clinic is a very good option when starting a surrogacy process in Georgia, always with OneSurrogacy.

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