Beta Plus Fertility Clinic in Tbilisi

Beta Plus Fertility is one of the leading fertility centers in Georgia. Its state-of-the-art facilities and specialized staff will be key to fulfilling your dream of parenthood. Beta Plus Fertility clinic is OneSurrogacy's choice for the surrogacy in Georgia.

Why Beta Plus Fertility?

High in-vitro fertilization success rates

At Beta Plus Fertility, we realize that we play a vital role in the lives of thousands of parents around the world. We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously, and we strive to do our job better every day.

Because our principles are based around integrity, empathy and dedication to our patients, we have achieved the highest success rates in the country of Georgia (between 70 and 80 percent).

We can confirm our success and ability to make your dreams come true, and therefore we offer guaranteed IVF programs that will give you peace of mind.

Fertility treatments

Beta Plus Fertility clinic applies the safest and most effective methods for the treatment of infertility, together with the most modern methods and the participation of a team of embryologists and doctors highly trained in assisted reproduction. Among the treatments are:
Effective treatment of infertility in men and women.
Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
Maintenance of fertility in oncology patients.
Treatment of menstrual cycle disorders.
Diagnosis of uterine abnormalities by hysteroscopy.
Treatment of endometriosis (a cause of infertility).
Risk pregnancy follow-up.
Prenatal genetic diagnosis of pregnant women.

Clinic services and treatments

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Beta Plus has great experience and dedication to perform infertility treatments, having one of the best and most modern equipment, applying the most modern techniques.

Obstetrics - Gynecology

The clinic has an obstetrics and gynecology department, with special attention to women during every stage of their lives, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Reproductive medicine

Beta Plus specializes in fertility and assisted reproduction treatments. We have a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals of recognized prestige.

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