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Sex selection consists of determining the sex of the embryo before it is transferred to the pregnant woman. Requesting this service is very common in families that have only sons or daughters, and wish to complete their family with daughters and sons respectively.

Sex selection in Ukraine is completely legal, and therefore those who wish to become parents of a boy or a girl will be able to perform in-vitro fertilization in any fertility clinic in this country. At Go4Baby we work with the Victoria clinic, which is one of the most prestigious clinics in Ukraine.

Is it possible to perform sex selection in most countries?

Technically yes, but in most countries only sex selection is generally only allowed in cases where there are medical reasons and the aim is to prevent the birth of children with sex-linked diseases.

However, in Ukraine there is no type of limitation to perform a sex selection treatment of embryos, and both those parents who come to this country to carry out a surrogacy process as well as to carry out an in-vitro fertilization will be able to select the gender of your baby or babies.

How is sex selection performed?

  • Through the MicroSort technique: in this case we act on those spermatozoa that carry the X chromosome (female) or the Y chromosome (male).
  • Through Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis (PGD): This is a much more common and effective technique than the MicroSoft technique, in addition to the one performed at the Victoria clinic. This method consists of performing a biopsy on the embryos obtained through in-vitro fertilization. After 3, 4 or 5 days of embryo development, cells are obtained from the embryo to extract its genetic material and check for any type of anomaly and sex determination.

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